Hans bästa tweets

“If i had a poubnd for everytime someone asked if i was naturally ginger….i’d have nothing, no one talks to me – haha, love it”

Ed Sheeran 21/05/2010

“Some IDIOTS out there I swear, wouldn’t know music even if it was a half naked gorrilla in a tutu licking there ear and saying ‘i’m music’.”

Ed Sheeran 11/11/2010

“Alcohol is shit”

Ed Sheeran 20/03/2010

“I miss alcohol”

Ed Sheeran 11/04/2011

“Negativity isn’t the way to go, smile more, eat some chocolate”

Ed Sheeran 31/08/2011

“Getting emotional right now, gonna eat some nachos”

Ed Sheeran 12/06/2012

“water is too mainstream”

Ed Sheeran 17/06/2012

“eternal love for anyone that owns a copy of ‘+’, however you got hold of it, legal or illegal, thank you for enjoying it”

Ed Sheeran 20/06/2012

“sleep is a myth”

Ed Sheeran 26/06/2012

“i dont trust the eggs at mcdonalds. i’m pretty sure they never came out of a chicken”

Ed Sheeran 04/07/2012

“Is it too early for pizza? I’d like to think its never too early for pizza but it might be.”

Ed Sheeran 11/08/2012

“So, the world didn’t end? Awkward”

Ed Sheeran 21/12/2012

“Just ate a big sandwich and now I feel pregnant”

Ed Sheeran 02/05/2013

“One more note, people need to stop encouraging little kids to twerk, it’s odd”

Ed Sheeran 12/08/2013

“It upsets me when restaurants think they are too good for ketchup. No one is too good for ketchup. Ketchup is too good for you.”

Ed Sheeran 16/09/2013

“I don’t know what flap flap is and I don’t want to know”

Ed Sheeran 02/01/2014

“‘i cant even’ – what? cant even what?”

Ed Sheeran 01/01/2013

“The same people doubting 4 years ago are now the ones taking credit”

Ed Sheeran 08/12/2014

“my goal for 2015 is to bring back the word ‘snazzy'”

Ed Sheeran 27/12/2014

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